Make an Impact with Social Media: Teach a Senior to Use Facebook

When I am not immersed in social media, I spend some of my free time as a volunteer massage therapist with the local hospice and senior centers.

One of the most striking things to me is the isolation and loneliness the elderly people I come into contact with suffer from. In a world of instant and constant communication,  there are still those who are disconnected from friends and family because they do not know how to use social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It is unfathomable for younger generations to not speak with or see (at least in photos) a beloved friend or family member for months or years at a time but this is all too common for the elderly. The more we integrate social media into our daily lives, the greater the disconnection with those who don’t becomes.

I had a  personal experience with my own mother that showed me how much of an impact being part of the social media world could have on a senior citizen’s life.  My mother is highly educated with many advanced degrees but computers were never an integral part of her profession and she is not comfortable using them.

She expressed a desire to start on Facebook after many of her younger former co-workers begged her to join. Since she lives in Atlanta and I live in Virginia, she assumed I could not help her. Not so!  She shared her email address and password with me and I was able to not only remotely set up her account but I scanned and uploaded some photos of her, family, etc. We worked together on the phone to set up her profile and privacy settings to make sure she felt comfortable with the amount of information shown.

Mom has been thrilled with her new Facebook adventure and it warms my heart to see her connecting with all her old friends.  She has been a social butterfly now that she is able to connect through social media and, while I still worry about her, the loneliness and isolation has abated a bit.

Do you know a senior who would like to be on Facebook? Take a few minutes and teach them how. The returns of your time could make a major impact on a senior’s life.

2 Responses to Make an Impact with Social Media: Teach a Senior to Use Facebook

  1. AQEELAH says:

    Good Day!
    I am in a facebook competition to win a website…now in order to win the website I had to do something fun or kind or extreme…so I chose something that was both fun and kind at the same time. I chose to do a presentation on what is facebook and twitter, that was aimed at the senior citizens in my community.Our lives have become so entwined with technology and it has become second nature to so many people, however many senior citizens feel so lost in this computer-centric world so I decided to do what I can to make a difference for them.
    Basically the presentation gave an overview of what facebook and twitter is so that when ever they hear the words facebook or twitter-which have become common place in society-they do not feel like lost sheep.
    I am looking for people to vote for me in the competition to win the website if you are interested this is how you vote :to either go to this link
    search for ‘Diamatrix’

    *Click Diamatrix ‘LIKE’ button at the top of the page
    *>scroll down the wall to the post which says: Hi my name is
    Aqeelah…..there is a video with that post,the video is
    titled ‘student explaining social media to the elderly’
    To vote for me all you have to do is to click the ‘LIKE’ button
    Underneath. (it is about the 10th wall post,this will change as more post are added to the wall)

    If it is easier, after you’ve liked the main page, you could also just click on the video’s tab and you will see the video there also.

    Thank You for reading this! I hope that you will vote for me!

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